12 Reasons to Attend Prom
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12 Reasons to Attend Prom

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Prom is usually one of the most anticipated events of a high school student’s life because it doesn’t come by very often. However, there are still some students who beg to differ and are not as excited about prom as some of the other students are. In that case, if you have second thoughts about going to prom for one reason or another, we will give you 12 reasons to attend this event that only happens once in your life.

1. It’s a chance for you to dress up and look at your best

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, prom will always be an event where you get a chance to dress up and look your best. In a high school student’s life, there aren’t many opportunities for him/her to try to dress up because there aren’t a lot of formal events that he/she could attend at his age. 

But prom is one of the few opportunities in high school where you can show up and be at your best as far as your looks are concerned. It’s your chance to go and have a dress tailor-made to fit the different contours of your body and to make sure that you go to prom in style. For the gentlemen, this is probably the first time you would be able to wear that full-piece tuxedo you have always wanted to wear and to make sure that you are at your finest.

Whatever you think looks good on you and regardless of your style preferences, prom night is probably the first opportunity you would get to glam up, dress up, and style up while also making a fashion statement with the look that you prefer. As such, it’s also an event where you can express your own sense of style without worrying about anyone judging you. After all, you probably won’t be able to dress up in a more radical way in the other formal events you would be attending in the future.

2. It’s the best high school date night

At your age in high school, you have probably been on a few dates and you have probably already experienced what it’s like to be out on a date with someone you like. In a way, dating probably isn’t something new to you at this point in your teenage life as most high school teenagers start going out on dates early.

But prom isn’t like any other ordinary date night you have experienced in your life. It’s actually the ultimate date night you can ever experience in your high school life because of how everything good about going out on a date seems to converge on this night. The lights, the music, the people around you, the food, and your date are all at their best on this seemingly magical evening.

While truth be told, you might experience better date nights later on in your adulthood and you probably prefer to have a more intimate date night with your date. But the kind of date night that prom seems to be different from any other date night you could ever experience. It probably won’t end up as your best-ever date night but it sure is going to be one unique experience that you would always remember for the rest of your life.

3. You get to have one of the best nights with your friends

12 Reasons to Attend Prom

Realistically speaking, not everyone would end up going to prom night with a date. Not having a date has always been one of the reasons why a lot of high school teenagers tend to skip out on prom because they wouldn’t want to go there looking like losers who couldn’t get a date or couldn’t get asked out for prom. But, then again, prom was never just about your date.

Instead, one of the many things you can do during prom night is to actually have a fun night with your friends. Some of your friends might have dates of their own while others don’t. Either way, you could dance the night away with your closest friends while keeping prom night in your memory books as an event for the ages.

Regardless of whether you do have dates or not, prom can still be a wonderful night with your high school friends. Your date would probably be there only for a night or may not end up staying with you for the rest of your life but your friends are priceless. So, why not go to prom and make it all about you and your friends and not just about your date (in case you do have one).

4. The after-party is going to be epic

Yes, we all know that the actual prom event will be fun because it’s going to be filled with food, great music, and dancing on top of all of the different things that you and your date or your friends would be doing the entire time. But the actual prom event is only the prelude for something better later that night.

The truth is that the after-party is what most people look forward to because this is where things get a lot more interesting. Prom night is going to be a bit tamed because it’s still a formal event that’s under the supervision of your high school. But once you get that out of the way and you and the rest of the gang go somewhere else for the after-party, all the formalities are thrown out of the window.

At the after-party, there’s more dancing and fun. And while we do not support underage drinking, let’s face the possibility that the after-party is also going to be full of drinks, something that the actual prom event will never have. As such, you would never want to miss the after-party especially when the only way for you to be there is to actually go to prom and go with your date or your friends to a place where the real party happens. When you look back on your prom night, you would most likely remember the after-party more than the actual prom itself.

5. It’s the best chance for you to truly express who you are

12 Reasons to Attend Prom

When you are at school, you tend to be more tamed when it comes to how you express yourself because there are rules you should be following and there are societal norms that you shouldn’t be going against at all times. Yes, we know how frustrating it can be to not be able to express who you really are within the confines of the usual classroom setup or even at home.

But prom night should be the best venue for you to truly express who you are because most of the rules get thrown out of the window to give way for the students to be themselves. That’s when you can dress up the way you want to dress up as long as it follows the event’s dress code while also expressing who you are by dancing and having fun the entire night.

You can also express yourself during prom night by building bonds with the usual people or by actually trying to be friends with people you normally don’t talk to at school. And if you are feeling a bit more daring than you usually are, you can take the opportunity to be more expressive about your feelings by telling someone you’ve always had feelings for that you actually like him/her. Wouldn’t that be a good way to cap a night full of self-expression?

6. It’s also about your parents

A lot of high school students tend to skip out on prom because they don’t feel like going or just because they are feeling a bit introverted that night especially since they won’t be going to prom with a date. In most cases, students who don’t want to go to prom actually only think about how they feel at that moment without even taking into consideration how others around them feel.

What we are trying to say here is that prom night isn’t always about you or your date or your friends but is also about your parents. The same parents who worked hard to raise you and get you as far as the final moments of your high school where you are about to transition into adulthood also need a moment to see you at your best so that they can see how great of a job they did at raising you.

Think about how your parents feel when they see you all dressed up and glammed up for prom while taking pictures of you looking at your best. This should be a proud moment for any father or mother who has had to work hard to not only put food on the table for you but to also make sure that you grow up to be a fine young adult who’s inching closer and closer to leaving the nest. Prom night should be a night that your parents would also remember for the rest of their lives as they take pictures of you to have something to commemorate the momentous family occasion. Yes, prom is a family thing.

7. Everyone’s going to be talking about it

In the next days after the prom or probably a few years from the night of the prom when you meet a few of your classmates and they talk about their high school memories, they are going to most likely talk about what happened during prom night. Let’s face the facts that people will be talking endlessly about how they had fun during prom and about the crazy stuff that happened that night. 

Nobody wants to be left out when it comes to the latest happenings in school. When all of your classmates and friends start talking about what happened during prom night, you are going to feel left out as you have nothing to contribute to the conversation because you weren’t even there, to begin with. It’s going to feel disheartening on your part knowing that you weren’t there when all of the fun things happened and knowing that your friends had a great memorable experience that didn’t include you.

So, why would you allow yourself to be left out just because you didn’t want to go to prom? Well, why not just go there? Even if you don’t have a date or even if you didn’t have a lot of fun during prom, at least you can actually contribute to the conversation and share some stories when you and your classmates and friends begin to talk about that night in the days following the event or even years or decades from now.

8. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance out on romance

12 Reasons to Attend Prom

Ah yes, high school romance. Romance during your teen years is one of the best types of romances out there because you still don’t know much about the world and you feel like you and your love can take on whatever the world is willing to throw at you. It’s when you can still feel the butterflies in your stomach whenever you see someone you actually have feelings for.

Your high school prom is the best avenue for whatever romantic feelings you may have for someone. It could be your prom date or it could be someone else entirely. At that night, the person you have feelings for will look at his/her best, and the mood is just right for you to be developing feelings that are stronger than ever. This should be the best chance for you at a romantic night or even a romantic relationship with that person.

For the gentlemen, just go out there and take the plunge by expressing your feelings to her and by telling her how much you actually like her. Or if you want to be subtle about it, you can just simply ask her out for dance while hoping that it could lead to something bigger later as the night progresses.

Meanwhile, for the ladies, this is your best chance to actually make that man fall for you as you look at your best. If you are feeling bold, you can even go to him yourself and tell him your feelings hoping that he would reciprocate them. Or maybe a little dance wouldn’t hurt.

Whatever the case may be, your prom night should be the ultimate romantic night that you can take advantage of when it comes to how you feel about someone. It’s the chance of a lifetime for you to have one of those moments you only see in teen romance movies and chick flicks. In other words, you can be your own chick flick star during the night of prom as you have a rare chance for romance that night.

9. Prom is a milestone moment for any high school student

There are a lot of different milestone moments we go through in life as we grow up. This includes our first word, our first step, the first time we rode a bike without training wheels, and the very first moment we stepped on the halls of our respective high schools. Your prom night is one of those milestone moments that you should go through as a high school student.

Yes, prom is one of the many different milestones that you have to go through for you to say that you truly had a chance to enjoy growing up and developing into the fine young adult that you are now. That’s because, in most cases, prom is the milestone moment were high school teenagers get to transform into adults. As such, prom is widely viewed as the moment where you have ditched your teenage years to become an adult that could already contribute to society right after high school.

While you are not going to miss out on your adulthood if you don’t go to prom, you won’t get to experience the milestone moment where you actually turned into an adult. When you look back decades from now to think about the exact moment you became an adult, you wouldn’t be able to have one if you didn’t go to prom. That’s why prom serves as the milestone that most people mark as the night they became adults.

10. Do it for the ‘gram

We live in a day and age where our lives can be seen on our social media accounts regardless of which platform we may be using. This is an even bigger truth in the younger generation today as teenagers often live on the internet and cannot get enough of their different social media platforms. And, of course, teenagers are often pressured to have the best photos on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

So, how else would you be able to have a well-curated and amazing Instagram account if you didn’t go to prom? Well, you probably won’t be able to have one at least for the next few years or until you have another opportunity to be able to dress up and look at your best for a glamorous and formal event. 

Imagine taking tons of pictures of yourself or with your friends while all of you are looking at your best. Then post those pictures on your Instagram account for everyone on the internet to see. That’s something that can give any teenager a sense of fulfillment especially if the photos get thousands of likes from different people all over the internet.

11. Probably the next time you will be able to dress up well is your wedding day

12 Reasons to Attend Prom

We already said that prom is one of the avenues you can use to dress up at your finest and for you to look at your best. After all, teenagers don’t often get to go to formal events that require them to glam up and dress as sharply as they can.

But, get this. For most people, prom is probably the only time for them to be able to actually dress up that way and to look darn good in front of a lot of other people. You have to take that chance to actually make yourself feel good by dressing up in the best way you can. 

If you don’t take that chance, the next chance you could have is probably your wedding day, which may or may not happen. And if you do get married sometime in the future, it probably won’t come soon as it might be a decade or so until your wedding day.

12. You are going to regret not going to prom

Regret is something that will always eat you up from the inside especially if you would someday realize that you actually made the wrong decision of not going to your high school prom. Yes, you may have valid excuses for not going to prom as of this moment but who’s to say you won’t, later on, end up regretting how you validated such excuses? 

There is a good chance that you would end up realizing that your excuses weren’t actually valid and that you should have gone to prom instead. And when you begin to think about how you missed out on prom while also realizing that you will never have a chance to do it all over again, you are going to end up feeling bad from the inside as regret slowly eats you. 

That’s a feeling that you should never have to feel. So, why not go to prom instead? At least, ten years from now, you won’t end up regretting not going to your prom regardless of what may happen that night.

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