12 Ways to Ask Someone to Prom Over Text
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12 Ways to Ask Someone to Prom Over Text

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No matter how many years pass, prom is always going to be one of the most important nights for teenagers. For most young people, it is something they fancy and look forward to. It is also the night people confess their love, while others confess their hate. Either way, it stands to be a very important night that should be spent with the most valued person in your life.

Asking someone to be your date for prom does not always have to be a tongue-tying moment. Technology has made things easier and you could call that girl you fancy to ask her out for prom, or even send her an email or video. Whichever tickles you. However, the best way to ask a person out for prom without facing them is by texting them.

If you fancy a girl or a boy and would like them to be your date for prom, drop them a text telling them that you like them and you would like them to be your date. The worst that could happen is that they could decline your proposal, but they could also accept to be your date. However, you have to phrase your text so well that he or she will find no reason to decline your invitation.

A text message can be a tricky choice of communicating your intentions to take someone to pro. However, if you get your words or skills right, you might get the date and probably a lasting friendship. You want to be sure that you use the most appropriate words, and do not sound imposing on the person you are asking for a date. Make sure they understand that your intentions are pure and that they are liberty to decide on their own free will. This way, you will not push the person away by trying to impose yourself on them 

Here are a few ways you could ask someone to prom through a text message. 

Before we delve into the different ways you could ask someone to prom through a text message, remember, you have all the control over what you are going to say and how you will win over that special person. You won’t have to make a call and stutter through your nervousness, neither will you have to fumble for word like you would if you were asking the person out for prom on a physical meeting. 

Secondly, understand that this could go either way (but we are rooting for a yes). Rejection hurts and is one of the worst things you may ever have to face in life however, it will feel worse if you do not put yourself out there and ask your favorite person out for prom. Imagine how bad you will feel seeing them with another person while it could have been you. It is better to try and fail than not try at all. 

If you are going to convince someone to go out to [prom with you on a date, you will have to create convincing content. Be careful not to be too much or overbearing, because that could push the person further away from you. Also, do not be too shallow or you would end up sounding boring. Now, let’s dig into those text messages that could earn you a perfect date to prom. 

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom Through Text

1. “Would you like to be my friend?”

Now, this does not seem like an ideal question to ask someone you want to go to prom with. But what if you are just classmates and have never been friends? You can’t ask a stranger to go with you to prom.  You need to set the right environment for the prom date question.

Take every chance there is to make that person your friend without being overbearing, and let them see how great you are as a person. Get to know each other well, grab ice-cream together and start to enjoy each other’s company.

When you both get comfortable with each other, ask the question. Ask that friend to be your date and see how they respond. Be careful not to make it sound like it was the only thing you were after when you befriended them. If they sense this, you might lose both the prom date and the friendship you have cultivated with her. 

2. “What are you doing on prom night?”

This is an all-time classic line and is one of the best ways to ask a person to go to prom with you. The obvious answer to this question would be going to prom, but the fact that you have shown interest in what your ideal date will be doing on a prom night could be the sign they were waiting for from you. Or better still, maybe nobody had asked them out, or they do not like the people who have asked them out. 

Try to be very casual as your text with your ideal date. You do not want to sound over-excited or they might start to question your intentions. Remember, there is a chance that they would say no and that should not kill your mood. You could still find someone else to go to prom to and they might end up being more fun than this one. 

This could be your lucky shot so make it worth it. If your ideal date for prom night replies, convince them to go out with you. And be fun while at it! Nobody wants to go out with someone who will dampen their spirits.

3. “I would like you to be my date to prom if you would be around.”

This has to be one of the most straightforward ways to ask someone out for prom. But then, life is too short to be dropping clues without saying what you actually want. Sending this straightforward message could be the reason why your ideal prom date chooses you over all the other people that might ask them out.

This text message is the perfect balance between saying what you feel while avoiding too much pressure on the recipient. For instance, if you added a statement like, “if you are around” at the end of the message, you would ease the pressure of imposing on someone. They would feel that you are interested in them, but are mature enough to ask them if they would like to be with you.  

If your ideal date seems interested, cultivate an environment that would encourage them to agree to be your date. You could make the environment lively by talking about different topics so they do not feel pressured about going to prom with you. Make it an interactive conversation so they do not feel like you are only texting them because you do not have a date to prom. Nobody wants to associate with a desperate for a date person. 

4. “I feel like you would be the perfect date for me to prom.”

This is one of the most embarrassing or suggestive ways to ask someone out on a date, but then again it is the most sincere. You are baring it all and telling your ideal date what you feel about them and what it would mean to you if they would go to prom with you. And you are not lying about it!

This text message leaves you in a very vulnerable position because the other person already knows that you like them. It is up to them to decide whether they want to go with you to prom. If they do not want to go out with you, then it’s their loss because most people will not be this outright about the people they like. On the upside, if your date agrees to go with you to prom, you might have made your biggest win yet!

Most people appreciate people who are straight to the point and can be courageous enough to put their feelings out there. This act of courage could be the nudge that your ideal date has been looking for to convince them that you are the right person to go with to prom. If this turns out to be the case, congratulations! 

You now have a date for prom. If things do not work out, make sure that this does not ruin your friendship. It is okay for people to decline your offer and still be friends with you. 

5. “Would you like to be my date to prom? I would love to take you.”

This is one of those texts that you write with your heart in your mouth, especially if you do not know what the other person thinks or feels about you. You are taking a big risk by saying it out loud that you would love to spend the most important night in your teen years with this person. This is a big deal, and you deserve to be with the best person.

Again, it is all about living life as it is. Life is too short to live with regrets and to refuse to take chances. After all, it is not a life-changing event like marriage. You are only asking someone out. Take the chance and hope for the best. And if you get the chance, ace it because it might be your only chance. 

If you convince your ideal date to go out to prom with you through text message, you will have achieved double. You got yourself a date, and you have also let them know that you enjoy being with them. You might just have started a stronger relationship with that person!

6. “Have you decided what you are wearing to prom?”

This is the most ideal text message for you if you are afraid to go straight to the point and ask the person you like out on prom. This line will probably lay a foundation for a conversation as you talk about what you intend to wear to prom. Encourage the other person to get into a conversation about what they intend to wear to prom. Tell them what you have decided to wear. Talk about fun and tacky outfits so that you get into the perfect mood to ask them to be your prom date. 

Once you are calm and relaxed and have gotten comfortable with the other person, you could casually ask them who they are taking to prom. Tell them why you feel they would be the perfect person to go to prom with and allow them to respond. Be prepared for any response, and make it clear that whatever decision they make will not affect any relationship you have both had before this. You never know what could grow out of this approach!

This could go either way. Your ideal date could tell you that they already have a date to prom. However, if you feel that you have a connection, probe further and try to convince them that you are the best date they could have for prom. It might sound like you are poaching someone’s date but then again, we only have one life to live.

If your ideal date does not have a date to take to prom, then this is your chance to shoot your shot!

7.  Get Creative with your phone

Sometimes, you may lack the perfect words to write a text message and ask someone to prom. Now you have to think of other ways to send a message without using words. Luckily for you, technology has the ideal tools for you to convey your message to your ideal prom date.

You can send a series of images to your date to imply that you want to take them to prom. For instance, take individual pictures of the word prom, and send them individually with a question mark at the end. It may sound cheesy but if your date is the sharp type, they will understand what you mean. Lucky you if they decide to go with you. 

You can also use a picture of you and your ideal date, accompanied by one of the prom posters in your school to ask them if they would like to go to prom with you. This is one of the simplest ways to convey such an important message, and it is also very cute. It is so cute that it might just win you a date to prom with your favorite person. 

Better still, and some pomp and color to your proposal. Walk around town and take individual pictures of the words in “Will you go to prom with me”. If you know her favorite colors or places, you could take pictures of those and make them the background of your proposal. Then send the words individually to your ideal date and wait for their response. Honestly, after putting this much effort to catch the attention of your ideal date, it would be hard for them to say no to you. 

8. Create a rebus puzzle to capture the attention of your ideal date

A rebus puzzle is designed to convey a message using pictures, emojis, and other graphics. You can use your favorite things on your phone, emojis! Who doesn’t love emojis? It is a fun way to text someone and also eases the tension of asking someone out for a date. 

Use the cat emoji and sound with the bomb emoji and look for other words that have the sounds or letters in the word prom. Use the plus and minus signs to create the message. It may look like a lot of work to ask someone out for prom, but then again, a little extra always goes a long way to melting someone’s heart. If the recipient does not immediately get the hint of what you are asking, drop some clues. It might be a great base for conversation as you explain to them what you want. 

This is one of the most unique ways to get someone to go to prom with you. You engage both their mind and feelings and set the right environment for a discussion if there is a need for one. If your ideal date notices the effort you have made to make this unique for them, they might feel the need to appreciate your efforts by going with you to prom.

Don’t get it wrong! You are not doing all this to arm-twist your date into going to prom with you. You are just being unique and if they like it, you will have someone to go to prom with. 

9. Periodic table reference 

If you are a science person and do not know how to express yourself with words, use what you have and love to express yourself. Chances are that the person you are expressing yourself to is also a lover of science and they will understand the message. And, even if they are not, once you pique their interest, you could always explain what you want.

Use the periodic table to explain what you want. Use images of different elements on the table or name the elements in order so they make sense. You can also go for a foreign language theme, such as Spanish, and add more spice to the message. For instance, you could write the phrase “La Promo” with the initials for Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Oxygen, and Molybdenum. This should be interesting enough to at least get the recipient intrigued. 

You can also spell out cute words (depending on how close you are to your ideal date) such as cute, babe, and think to include in your message. After all this work, you will have such an impact on your ideal date that it will be very hard for them to say no. there is no harm in doing extra for the person you like. The extra effort could show them how much you want to go to prom with them and it may just convince them to go with you. 

10. Engage them with rapid-fire questions

Now, this is a trick but if you play it well, you just might get yourself a date to prom. If you are asking someone out to prom, you probably know a lot about them. You know the things they like, and those they do not like. Engage them in a rapid-fire questions game and stick to the questions you know they will say yes to.

Asking someone to be your date to prom does not have to be tense and boring. If you make fun, your chances of being accepted are higher because you have already convinced the other person that you can be a fun person to spend time with. You earn points by making the question easy to answer and breaking the tension that you could have had to deal with by asking them formally. 

For instance, ask them if they like cheesecake if you know they do. Ask about things they love, with a yes guarantee. Tell them to answer the questions as fast as they can. Hit her with the “Will you go to prom with me?” question when they least expect it. They are likely to say yes, and if they try to revert their answer, try to convince them that it was the right answer. At this point, you will both be in a good mood. Use this opportunity to make your intentions known. 

11. Use GIFs and Emojis to trigger a response from your ideal prom  date

This strategy takes you back to those yes or no choice questions that people used to ask others for dates with. Instead, this time, instead of using written notes with multiple choices, you will be using GIFs and emojis to answer the questions. Choose GIFs or emojis for your ideal date to answer your questions. For instance, you can choose a smiley emoji to say yes, a poop emoji to say no and a flat face emoji to say maybe.

Other than assuring you straight answers to your proposal, this is a fun way to ask someone to be your date for prom. And if they say no, you will have created a nice environment for a conversation. You can use the conversation time to convince your date about going with you to prom. See? There is nothing to lose.

This could also be the basis for a very strong friendship with the person you intend to ask to be your date for prom. Whether or not he or she agrees to be your date, you have already established a friendship on the fun. And there is nothing as important as having a person who understands your idea of fun and a good time, whether they are your prom date or not!

12. “I enjoy texting and hanging out with you, would you be my date for prom?”

This is an ideal text if you are already friends with the person you want to invite to be your prom date. You have been talking and hanging out with them for a while now and you would love them to be your date for prom. And who better to spend such an important night with than someone who is already your friend? 

If the person is already your friend, they might like you as much as you like them. And if not, you can still go to prom as friends. How cool is that!

However, the most important thing here is not losing the friendship that you have built with this person because if you lose that, you may never recover it. If it comes to choosing between a prom date and a lasting friendship, I would definitely go for the latter. Prom will pass but if you lose a friend because of one night, then it is not worth it. 

Make sure to establish a non-binding conversation so that if they do not want to go to prom with you, or if they already had plans with someone else, they will not feel like they are letting you down. If the person wants to go to prom with you, it should be out of their own free will, not a coerced decision. 

Prom night is still one of the most important nights in your teen years and you do not want to spend it with the wrong person, or worse still, alone. Getting an appropriate date for prom night is hard, especially if you are not friends or dating the person you intend to ask out. If you are dating someone, it is almost automatic that they will be your date for prom. 

However, if you are just friends or just classmates, you must be creative to ask them out. It becomes harder when you have to do it over text. However, with the many options, there is to ask someone to be your date for prom, you cannot go wrong. Just pick the option that seems most appropriate for you. 

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