Can You Be Homecoming Queen And Prom Queen?
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Can You Be Homecoming Queen And Prom Queen?

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Being a high school student is not only about studying and doing the grind for learning. It is also about having fun and making the best out of our younger years. And nothing can show this into context other than fun school events like homecoming and prom. Both of these events have their own Queens, who becomes the star of the night. But can one person become both the homecoming queen and prom queen? 

Homecoming and Prom are two different events that happen within a school year. Whether you can or can become both the Homecoming and Prom queen depends on the school’s rules. Ideally, a person can become the homecoming and prom queen in the same year. 

There’s always a big hype during both the Homecoming and Prom dances. Most students will prepare in advance to make sure they get the best dresses or suits. And this is the case, students aiming for the title of “Homecoming Queen” or “Prom Queen” make extra preparations. If you’re aiming for both, can you get both of these titles in the same year? Or is it a feat too good to be true? Let’s find out! 

What Does It Mean To Be Homecoming Queen?

Can You Be Homecoming Queen And Prom Queen?

Homecoming is always portrayed in the movies and TV as a big event for the whole school. Like in fiction, homecoming is often the reason for the hype at the start of each year. For people who don’t live in the US, the homecoming event is often interchanged with the prom. Let’s find out what homecoming is and why it is a big deal to high school students. 

What Is Homecoming? 

Schools in the US celebrate a tradition called “Homecoming,” in which a school welcomes its former students to celebrate their alma mater. It is done in both high school and college organizations every fall, which is also the beginning of the school year. All of the students, as well as former alumni, are invited to this event. 

The celebration for homecoming varies depending on your location.  Some schools start the week-long celebration by doing fun interclass activities. There are parades, pep rallies, and other enjoyable activities. And, of course, the campaign for the Homecoming Court is kicking off in the background. Before the Homecoming dance, there is a football game to celebrate the school’s team returning after the season. 

And last but not least, the Homecoming dance follows up. This is where the Homecoming Court, both its Queen and King, is crowned. The Homecoming Dance is often available for both juniors and seniors of the school. The attire is often just casual or semi-formal. To be the Homecoming Queen, you need to be both popular and qualified. 

How Can You Become The Homecoming Queen? 

The Homecoming Queen’s election is relatively straightforward: the more popular you are, the better your chances would be. Being nominated is the challenging part. You can nominate yourself or get nominated by someone else. But before these nominations are approved, schools often require a candidate to be a moral student. A candidate should have no disciplinary records, have good grades, and is active in extracurricular activities. 

Once nominated, the campaign for the Homecoming Court begins. An election would proceed during the dance. Whoever wins the King and Queen title would be in a parade. Being a part of the Homecoming Court is considered a very memorable feat in high school and is a coveted achievement for famous students. 

What Is A Prom Queen In High school?

Can You Be Homecoming Queen And Prom Queen?

The Promenade Dance, commonly referred to as prom, is another dance party for high school students. Students’ hype is high on this event since it is usually the last one before graduation. Prom dance requires formal attire and is often more expensive due to its supposed grandeur. Most schools only allow seniors to participate in the dance, while some schools also allow juniors to have fun. 

What Is Prom? 

A prom is an event held between April and June and focuses more on graduating seniors. Junior prom is also a thing, but not all schools celebrate it, especially if they have many students and graduating seniors. Only the current students of the school can attend this event. Unlike Homecoming, participants need to wear floor-length dresses and gowns.  

Originally, the purpose of a promenade or prom is to give young people a chance to experience a “formal event.” Seniors who will graduate at the end of the school year will usually be living school, go to other places, get married, start a career, etc. This dance party serves as their last chance to get fun and their first step in showing formalities. 

A big difference between homecoming and prom is that you might need a partner to attend. By default, people would expect you to go on a prom dance with a date. However, most schools allow “stag,” or going to the prom by yourself by choice. All participants will be in a big space, where dinner and dances are held. A public photo booth is often available for couples and groups of friends who want to take pictures. 

Once the dinner was over, the party goes on to the dance floor, where the senior class can have the last chance to get together. The dance party is where the Prom Court happens. Just like a homecoming, students are nominated for the Prom King and Prom Queen titles a week or two before the dance. After the election, the winners will be crowned and shares a dance.

How Can You Become The Prom Queen? 

To become a Prom Queen, a student should be a part of the Prom Court. It is a small group of candidates nominated by other students. In most cases, there is no other requirement for being a part of the Prom Court. As long as there is enough vote for your nomination, you will be a member. It also depends on how the school selects its court members. But there are some instances where a minimum grade or good standing is required. 

Once you’re a part of the Prom Court, you will be one of the Prom Queen elections candidates. The election may vary per school, but typical elections are held during the Prom night itself. If you win the elections, you will be crowned as the Prom Queen in front of all attendees.  You and the elected Prom King will share the first dance of the night. Dancing with own dates are allowed. 

Can You Be Homecoming Queen And Prom Queen?

Can You Be Homecoming Queen And Prom Queen?

Popularity and cliques in schools can change rapidly. The most popular student in Homecoming might not be the most famous person when prom rolls in. This is especially true if the school has thousands of students. But since Homecoming and Prom are different events, there are always two Kings and Queens every year. 

Ideally, the same person can become both the Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen. Since the two events are separate, a person will have the opportunity to be voted and win the election in both dances. If a student is indeed a popular figure and a role model, then the possibility of becoming a two-time Queen is relatively high. 

The feat of becoming both Homecoming and Prom Queen throughout one high school life is achievable. You can become the Homecoming Queen during your earlier years and snag the Prom Queen title once you reach your senior year. And ideally, getting this achievement in the same year is also possible if you’re extremely popular and on good terms with many students. 

The Unwritten Rules

Schools often have different rules when it comes to Homecoming and Prom.  In the spirit of giving chances to other candidates, some schools have unwritten rules to avoid one person claiming both titles in the same year. A typical example of this unwritten rule is when all the Homecoming Court members cannot run again in the upcoming Prom Court. 

Some schools only allow seniors to run for the Prom Court.  If the school is quite large, the Court is selected by sections instead. For prom dances, first-year students and sophomores can attend when an upperclassman invited them as their date. However, they cannot run as Prom Queen. 

Another thing to consider is whether a school has courts in both of the events at all. Some schools will only have one court (usually on prom), and the students will only vote for the court available.  Hence, the experience is always different across the different educational institutions in the country. There are even schools that allow someone to run for Prom King and Homecoming Queen. 

Aiming for both titles can be a great way to teach yourself about different social aspects. Besides, receiving even one of these titles is already a great feat.  Whether you snag both or not, the important part is enjoying both events with your friends. These events only come at particular times a year, so let the moments count.

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