7 Best Prom Dresses for Flat Chest
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7 Best Prom Dresses for Flat Chest

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Just because you have a flat chest doesn’t mean that you can’t effortlessly and beautifully flaunt an astonishing dress. Sure, you’re at a disadvantage, but that disadvantage isn’t handicapping in any way, as there are many designs out there that allow for your figure to still show and definitely won’t drag you back.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at all the dress cuts that are definitely going to help you with a flat chest, and we’ll be listing links to actual dresses in those cuts that you can buy.

Let’s get started!

1 – Deep V-neck Dresses

Deep V-neck dresses offer an excellent solution to your problem. It’s sometimes debated that V-neck dresses are overly fancy and don’t show the beauty of your body enough, but there are great examples of dresses that don’t look as old-fashioned in that regard and are definitely going to make a good fit. There are some very beautiful ones that are very minimally designed.

You can pair this dress with a necklace, which is a simple trick that makes wearing V-neck dresses more natural. For example, you can wear a black long sleeve deep v-neck bodycon mini dress and add any sort of silver necklace. Finish that off with pale pink ankle strap open-toe heels and add an extra feminine touch.

A color that works very well with this style is sky blue, which will give you a more refreshing look – especially if the tone of your skin is darker. This will allow you to achieve a very unique, refreshing, and sexy look. Wearing a sky-blue long sleeve belted deep v-neck with light grey heels will make for an excellent look.

Even though some insist on wearing a black or a red dress to a formal event like a prom or a wedding, yellow and orange can really bring your body out well. You can check out yellow and orange v-neck dresses and pair them with silver heels for an additional touch.

White long sleeve deep v-neck multi-layered dresses are always a look. This styling is perhaps more unique than some others on this list, and it can be complemented well with subtle golden necklaces.

Minimal styling also goes well with deep v-neck dresses – you can simply put on a black tank deep v neck mini skater dress, which you’ll pair with a pair of black suede pointed toe heels and complete the all-black outfit.

If you’re looking for stylish and sexy, lace is the way to go. Wearing a black lace deep v neck mini skater dress with a black leather clutch bag, and adding a few lowkey accessories with black ankle strap open-toe heels will look great.

Lastly, you shouldn’t overlook long sleeves. These dresses, especially if they’re paired with lace, are always looking more mature and thus make you look more mature. A black long sleeve mini bodycon dress that comes with lace long sleeves is a great option, and you can pair it with black ankle strap open-toe heels for elegance.

Here are two examples of dresses we talked about.

2 – High Neck Dresses

The literal opposite of our previous entry, high neck dresses are also going to draw attention to other parts of your body, instead of your bust. Here are some ideas on how to wear them.

Wearing a black high neck mini bodycon dress is actually a great fit for both proms and cocktail parties. There aren’t many dresses that can fit all occasions, but this is one of those. The best thing is – this look isn’t difficult to achieve; simply wear a high neck black bodycon midi dress with black strappy heels. Black high neck dresses don’t make you look underdressed, even if you don’t wear any accessories.

Black scalloped high neck dresses with lace are also another great option. We’ve already talked about lace and just how effective it is in stressing and focusing on all of the most beautiful curves on a woman’s body, and this detail is absolutely crucial with this design. Two-layered dresses that have the inner layer being a mini bodycon dress and the outer layer being a lace semi-sheer knee-length dress can be worn with a pair of nude heeled sandals – an elegant and stylish look for sure.

Don’t think that we’re in any way biased to black dresses, but black really is the color that goes best with high neck dresses. You can feature a two-piece faux dress with lace details. This simple design can be paired easily with any sort of black heel and it’s surely going to draw a few looks.

A black halterneck bodycon midi dress is a dress that’s seriously going to draw attention to your curves. This type of dress doesn’t require that you show much skin at all, while it still appreciates your curves. Wearing silver ankle strap open-toe heels with the dress will make you look very elegant.

Open chest bodycon dresses with a high neckline are going to address your collarbone and it shows just enough skin to look elegant without crossing any lines. Silver heels are just an additional touch to this style to finish it off.

A black high neck dress with lace and sleeves is here to finish our list off, with interesting details that only add elegance to the dress. Pairing it with black heels to top the look off is going to achieve a remarkable outfit.

Once again, here are two examples of high neck black dresses.

3 – Off the Shoulder Dresses

Dresses that seemingly hang of the shoulder are a great way to reveal your collarbone and draw attention away from a flat chest. Here’s how to wear them.

We recommend that you go for a midi dress as it’s the most versatile option. An off-the-shoulder midi dress will hit right below your knees, and these styles are great if you want the option of wearing the dress in the fall or winter, as your legs are covered – you can really fit them in any sort of weather.

If you’re looking for a more classical look, we recommend a plain off-the-shoulder cut. This means that the cut has a simple, clean line that goes from shoulder to shoulder. This will show off your shoulders and your upper back, and it’s preferable if you like a clean, easy style that you can dress up or down. There are dresses with a simple edge at the shoulders so it sits flush against your shoulders, and dresses with a raw edge that is still simple and plain.

Wearing a dress with ruffles or lace on the shoulders is a really good way to cover your chest, as it basically adds more layers on top of your torso. This style usually has ruffles or lace that run down from the edge of the off-the-shoulder portion of the dress. It’s also good for making a statement, as it’s more flashy and will definitely draw attention. There are also dresses with lace trim on the shoulders for a more romantic look.

A neutral color of choice is always solid. You can choose various dresses in colors like red, yellow, and orange – but a black, white, or blue dress is more of a solid color and it can fit any skin tone. If you’re thin, then opt for an off-the-shoulder dress that is more baggy and less form-fitting.

Wearing long earrings with details like beads, gems, and tassels with this dress are definitely going to complement it well, because you don’t have fabric covering your shoulders or your collarbone, and your accessories can show very well. Long earrings will add a bit of detail around your face to offset the cut.

If you want a more dramatic look, feel free to wear a choker, as necklaces that sit high and tight around your neck will complement the shoulder cut of the dress. Choker necklaces made from materials like gold, silver, or rose gold, with a small pendant or gem for an added accessory will do really well.

If the weather where you’re from is warm, then you can opt for a more summery look by wearing sandals or flats.

Here are two examples of off-the-shoulder dresses.

4 – Strapless Dresses

Going strapless is always a great option if you have a flat chest or a small bust. Here are a few strapless ideas that are going to blow your mind.

Bandana tops are a new trend that’s really taken the world over. Even though some may define them as a little bit chic and hippie, many women have taken easily to wearing bandana tops and enjoying the comfort they provide. A long black skirt matched with a printed stylish top is an out-of-this-world look, and it fits slim girls very well. Try to find a skirt with layered flaps, which is ideal for showing some leg without having a slit.

Another combination that looks great in this regard is a classic black and white combo. You can pair up a black strapless top with a bejeweled belt with a pair of white straight pants, and match it with black heels. Big earrings and a sequined clutch will add a bit more glamour to the look.

Even though some argue that wearing a printed top with checkered pants is perhaps not the most formal of clothing, we disagree. This outfit oozes class and would be an ideal fit for more formal events. Look for a bandana top with a black and white simple print that can go well with checkered pants. Finish it off with a pair of black heels and some red lipstick. Black and white are a great option as they always go well together – in this case, opposites really do attract one another.

Since animal print is making a comeback, a strapless jumpsuit with animal print definitely has to be added to the list. A leopard print is currently among the most popular of prints, as it’s really good at bringing out brown eyes. These jumpsuits are usually made out of a sheer material like chiffon, which makes them breathable and easy to wear. The beachy wavy curls are perfect for summer as well, so make sure you adopt that style too.

A bandeau top with a long chiffon tail with any pattern is also a great option. Breathing with a bit more of a summery style, this sort of dress is good for any formal event that’s taking place during the warmer months.

You can also aim for a more sophisticated look with a simple brown top that transcends into a white dress. Very sophisticated and professional, this dress can be worn to any formal event – just make sure not to overdo it. The accessories should be kept to a minimum – with some rings and delicate stud earrings while matching the dress with heels.

Here are a few more examples of strapless dresses.

5 – Side Cut Out Dresses

This is a sort of dress that only requires you to show very little skin to look sexy and gorgeous. Showing just a little bit of skin can, in this regard, give you an edge over others wearing deep V-neck dresses.

A red bodycon dress is a great option, as the cutouts are so small and subtle to a point that they actually look both sexy and cute. Pairing it with a pair of silver ankle-strap open-toe heels will complete the outfit elegantly.

A black side cutout sheath knee-length dress is another low-profile dress on this list, and it only has small cutouts on the side. Pairing it with a black ankle strap open-toe heels will achieve a minimalistic, but yet glamorous look.

Then, we have the sort of dress that pairs both the cutout design and the V-neck design. A white side cutout deep V-neck dress is a great way to match elegance with poise. You can make it more feminine by wearing it with white ankle strap open-toe heels and a simple silver clutch bag.

A very stylish look you can try is a black high split maxi dress with a cutout on one side. This dress is very elegant, and pairing it with black ankle strap heels will only add to the look. Regarding accessories – silver goes great with black, so wearing a silver necklace is definitely going to add more texture to your style.

Wearing a navy fit and flare midi dress is also another way to dress elegantly in a beautiful way. This sort of dress can go very well with silver ankle-strap open-toe heels – this gorgeous look is sort of minimalistic, but it’s still dashing.

A black long sleeve asymmetric cutout dress is another great match for your troubles, as long sleeves are drawing the look away from any imperfections you might want ignored. It can also be paired with stylish shoes, and you should aim for black leather ankle boots.

The white deep V-neck long flowy dress can achieve an angelic look, as it’s really flowy and sort of gives a vibe of something aethereal. You can pair this sort of dress with silver heels, but you can also opt for all-white by wearing a pair of white ankle strap open-toe heels to complete the angelic look.

A black halter neck high split maxi dress is a great choice if you’re looking for a dress that can show off your strength. It’s going to achieve a particularly warm effect if you have beautiful skin and shoulders. The lacey details around the neckline are definitely going to draw attention to it, and pairing this dress with black open-toe heels will make it look elegant and deep.

A two-toned sequin and chiffon side cut-out maxi fit and flare dress will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. This dress is basically exploiting the attractiveness of polarities – the part covering the torso is silver sequin while the part covering the legs is black chiffon. Pairing this dress with silver open-toe heels will complete the look.

A black maxi semi-sheer high slit dress can also go a long way if you’re feeling that these cut-out dresses are a bit too far out of your comfort zone. This design allows you to show some skin in a subtle and low-key way. Matching this dress with black ankle strap open-toe heels will complete the all-black look.

Here are a few examples of cut-out dresses.

6 – Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are another great way of compensating for a straight chest by drawing attention to another part of your body – in this case, it’s the back. Here are a few examples of how to wear this.

A black and backless high split midi dress is a very feminine example of a backless outfit. Pairing this sort of dress with very simple silver heels will achieve a minimalistic look, and adding a silver clutch bag will add only more elegance.

A backless mini dress with a flowy back design looks like a typical and beautiful long sleeve black shift dress. From the back, it’s visible that skin detail is taking over and the backless part of the dress is more of a loose fit than skin tight. This is a mind trick played by the designers, and it leads people to believe that they can see more skin from different angles. This design works especially well on tanned blondes.

If you decide to go with a black halter dress with a silver sequin upper part, you’ll quickly notice that this style is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s definitely a guarantee that you’re standing out from the crowd. The dress is completely backless, as it’s hanging from your neck, and it’s also achieving a glittering effect with the silver top. Pair it up with black ankle strap heels to complete the outfit.

A black lace skater open-back dress is a more youthful-looking option when compared to the previous entries on this list. A large part of this dress is made from see-through lace – the sleeves, the waist, collarbone, and chest, so it’s going to require you to show a bit more skin than other dresses, but that’s actually preferable as a solution to your flat chest. Simply pair this dress with a pair of black ballet heels and you’re good to go.

You can also don an asymmetrical backless dress. This dress is incredibly stylish, and it has a very interesting and creative cutting that makes the dress looks like a one-shoulder dress if you look at it from the front, while it looks almost completely backless if you look at it from the back. The tilted design at the bottom edge of the dress is making the right side of the dress appear to be longer than the left side of the dress, and that’s coming perfectly together with a pair of black ankle-strap heels, which will complete the outfit elegantly.

A strappy backless maxi dress utilizes a very classic design to accomplish an incredible look, straight from the red carpet. Strappier designs are usually more beautiful and offer more elegance to the wearer, and you’re surely going to attract quite a few looks wearing it.

A black sheath maxi dress with a cutout at the back is a great option if you’re not comfortable with showing too much skin, but you’d still like to show some. Since a large portion of your back will remain covered, instead of being uncovered, you’re keeping a lot of skin out of contact. Pair this dress with a simple pair of black heels and you’re good to go.

Lastly, we have the black lace and chiffon open back skater dress, which is definitely leaning towards the elegant side of the spectrum, rather than cute. The lace makes the dress look elegant and feminine, and it can simply be paired with black suede open-toe heels to complete the outfit elegantly.

Here are a few examples of backless dresses.

7 – One Sleeve Dresses

Having only one sleeve, be it partial or complete, is definitely going to draw attention away from a flat chest. We suggest that you take this into consideration when you’re choosing your dress. Here are a few examples.

A black floral neckline one sleeve dress is a great option, and this dress definitely proves that there’s enough room with one sleeve dresses to add some detail and make it even more beautiful. A one-sleeve dress with a floral neckline design and with that same pattern appearing on the edge of the sleeve as well, makes the dress seem more ladylike and it’s definitely oozing with elegance.

After that, we have the asymmetrical black maxi bodycon dress, which is proving that you don’t necessarily have to show too much skin to get people’s attention. It seems like this dress has seemingly random and asymmetrical cutting, and that can be very appealing to the eye for its style. Pair this design with a simple pair of black heels and you’re good to go.

A simple black velvet mini dress can go a long way in this regard. If you’re looking for something that has a little more depth to it, then you should consider this black velvet bodycon one-sleeve dress. The shiny velvet is only subtly shining, and it definitely makes the black look more elegant and deep. Complete this outfit with a pair of black heels for a more stylish touch, as this outfit is surely going to attract a lot of looks.

Navy folded one shoulder bodycon dress is utilizing something that we’ve talked about before – covering the chest with an additional layer. Folding the dress has advantages – not only does it cover the chest more, but it’s also an extra detail that’s definitely only adding to the beauty of the design. Complement this design with either nude or navy heels.

Deep red V-neck one sleeve bodycon dress is taking the last spot on this list, as it’s definitely the sort of dress that’s going to attract the most attention. Red is predominantly known as a color that sticks out, and wearing this dress allows you to show your curves. Match it with suede heels of the exact some color and the outfit will be completed with elegance.

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