5 Best Prom Dress Colours for Blondes
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5 Best Prom Dress Colours for Blondes

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Picking out an outfit for your prom can be a stressful endeavor, especially for pale-skinned blondes. It’s not always easy to choose the right shape or length of your dress. But, the color poses an even bigger issue.

Not every color looks good on every person, and you don’t want to make any mistakes for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as your prom night. Some tips and tricks can help you narrow down your choices, but you should base your whole outfit on your dress. Jewelry, shoes, and other accessories should complement the dress, not the other way around.

That’s why I’ve developed this list of X best prom dress colors for blondes to give you some ideas for your special evening. I tried to encapsulate all the skin tone levels to provide you with the best options, depending on what would look the best on you. Let’s dive in and find the perfect dress to make you shine like never before.

Red dress with cold detail

You can hardly go wrong with a gorgeous scarlet dress, be it a maxi dress or a little cocktail beauty. The reason why the red color pops so phenomenally on blondes is that it provides a perfect hot-cold contrast with your hair. Especially if you have a pale skin tone – it will make you shine like a diamond.

Even if you are a blonde with a medium-to-dark skin tone, a red dress can do wonders for you if you do it properly. Adding a few elegant, cool-colored details, such as silver earrings, a white-gold necklace, and a neutral purse will make you stand out and dazzle your date the moment they see you.

You should be careful when combining accessories, though. Too many different colors combined with an intense red dress can destroy the entire outfit and just look cheap. Try to limit the jewelry to a minimum and blend the colors on your purse and your heels. Emphasize your lips with a bright red lipstick, and use neutral make up the rest of the way.

If you can’t seem to find a dress you like on your own, don’t worry. I’ve got some suggestions for you to choose from, or at least to get some inspiration to find the ones you like more.

VFSHOW Elegant Sweetheart Neck Maxi Dress

The VFSHOW Elegant Sweetheart Neck Maxi Dress is an astounding piece that combines elegance with sex appeal. This full-length dress has a beautiful lace pattern with black lining, making the red pop even more. It’s made from high-quality polyester and spandex, making the dress durable and wrinkle-free.

The dress features have an overall floral lace pattern with a sweetheart neckline, making the dress great for elegant and formal events such as prom. On the other hand, the slim fit and a high-split design emphasize your body contour and sex appeal. It’s a perfect dress for a prom that will leave everybody breathless.

Dressystar Short Cocktail Party Dress

However, many women don’t feel comfortable in maxi dresses. Instead, you can opt for a cocktail dress or a below-the-knee cut. The Dressystar Short Cocktail Party Dress is a perfect example of how spectacular a shorter skirt can be, even for a formal, glamorous occasion such as a prom.

The design combines a floral lace with tulle, expanding into a ballerina-like shape below the waist. Halter-neck cut limits your choice of necklaces or collars but will work incredibly to boost the elegance factor you might’ve lost with the shorter length. Don’t worry; you won’t feel like a nun while wearing it, as the sleeveless design shows enough skin to highlight your youth and energy.

Dark blue tones – for cool blondes with pale skin

Darker blue tones like royal or cobalt blue work perfectly with brighter, cooler blonde color hair and mild, pale skin tones. If you have darker skin, dark color tones on a dress can be too overwhelming. That includes darker shades of purple, grey, etc.

Lighter skin and blonde hair provide an excellent contrast with deep blue dresses, and it’s hard to go wrong with a blue prom dress if you have those attributes. It’s elegant and associated with royalty, making it a safe bet for prom. I’ll give you some excellent examples of longer and shorter dresses, so you can see how different your choices might be.

US Fairytailes Sleeveless Lace Applique Evening Dress

If you want to look as elegant as a movie star and dazzle on your prom, you should look to spare no expense, especially on your dress. The US Fairytailes Sleeveless Lace Applique Evening Dress might cost a bit more than your average dress, but it is all well worth it.

It’s a beautiful designer maxi dress with a gorgeous lace pattern from the waist up and a long, royal-blue fabric falling perfectly against your legs from the waist down. The flower/leaves pattern is highlighted with small white beads that make this sleeveless dress look even more royal.

There’s also a very high cut/split over the leg, and an opened-back design, making the dress sexy and youthful but still very elegant and decent. Just be careful when ordering your dress and make sure it’s being shipped from the United States. Many Chinese knock-offs will leave you disappointed.

The materials used for the original designer dress are incredibly high-quality, and the dress is a designer piece that will highlight your pale skin tone and blonde hair to the fullest. Add silver or white gold jewelry details and combine them with silver shoes, and you will look like a superstar.

MEILISAY Sparkly Beaded Open Back Party Dress

Not every girl can rock out the maxi dresses and look as vibrant and youthful as she might like. Full-length dresses often make the person wearing them look a lot older and more serious.

For girls who wish to look incredible and elegant but just don’t like to feel older than they are, there are spectacular designer dresses they can choose shorter (below-the-knee cut or a cocktail dress).

For instance, the MEILISAY Sparkly Beaded Open Back Party Dress is a spectacular, youthful piece that will still provide the elegance needed from a prom dress and dazzle even the hardest critics. It’s made out of tulle and can be custom-made just for you at no extra charge to provide you with the perfect fit. 

You can send your measurements to the designer, and they’ll make the dress a custom-size just for you. If you love the dress but want only a bit more skin covered, you can request them to make it a full-back dress, not an open concept like the model regularly is.

The top part is laced and beaded and has a built-in bra, ridding you of those dreadful bra straps always sticking out of sleeveless dresses such as this one. The neck is crew cut, and the dress closes up with a zipper, making it practical and elegant.

The lower part is ruffled, bell-shaped, and reaches to your knees. It’s elegant but still allows you to show off those youthful legs and the breathtaking shoes you have.

There are several color fabrics you can choose from – even two beautiful shades of blue. For warm blondes, the navy blue dress might work even better than the royal blue because the dress details are more visible. That allows you to play around with your makeup and accessories more.

However, cool blondes should probably opt for the royal blue dress to highlight the contrast between the dress and the hair. Just don’t go overboard with jewelry and makeup – make sure you don’t go multi-color, because it’s an area where you can easily make big mistakes and ruin the entire outfit.

Dressystar Women Floral Lace V Neck – Budget Pick

If you are on a budget and can’t afford designer dresses, that doesn’t mean you can’t still look spectacular, elegant, and breathtaking. Choose a dress such as the Dressystar Women Floral Lace V Neck that costs just a fraction of the designer dress prices but still looks elegant, sweet, and perfect for prom.

The model is a cocktail dress that has a floral lace pattern all over. It has a slim waist decorated with a beautiful ribbon, highlighting the youthful, vibrant factor. There’s also a lining of the same color below the lace, so you don’t have to worry that everything will be see-through when you put it on.

Even though it’s only knee-length, the closed-back design with a mild V neck makes it look exquisite and decent. But, it will allow you to show off your youth and dance your heart out – something a lot of girls won’t be able to do in their uptight dresses.

If you feel like royal blue isn’t your color, there are many more colorways you can choose from. We recommend the navy blue dress if you are a blonde because it perfectly complements the hair color, but feel free to select a color you like the most. After all, the most important thing for a dress to look good on you is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in it.

Black – a (not so) safe bet

Coco Chanel said a long time ago, “you can never go wrong with a little black dress.” That’s only true in theory because you can go wrong with a black dress. But, if you do the outfit properly, it can be the best choice you can make, especially if you are a blonde. Don’t worry; I’ll help you get it right.

The first thing that can “go wrong” with a black dress is appearing too dark. If you don’t break the monotony with something alive and vibrant, your outfit might look too somber for prom.

What’s incredible when choosing black outfits is that black isn’t on the color spectrum, meaning it is neither warm nor cool. That means it can complement blonde or brown hair with pale or dark skin. Plus, black is known to make one look slimmer by highlighting the most vital attributes.

When choosing a black dress for your prom, it’s all about the details you combine with such a neutral piece. If you play it right, you just might be prom queen.

US Fairytailes Strapless Long Formal Goddess Dress

If you want to look as glamorous as possible and stun everybody when you walk into the room, pick a black maxi dress with impeccable, bright details. You probably won’t be able to dance a lot in a gown-style prom dress, but if you were aiming from glam, you probably didn’t even plan on dancing around.

One such dress you should consider is the US Fairytailes Strapless Long Formal Goddess Dress. It’s a wonderful black maxi with mesmerizing pear-and-bead details all over the dress, going from denser at the top to rarer at the bottom. This dress is all about elegance, beauty, and glamour.

The design is strapless with an open back, giving you plenty of opportunities to shine even brighter with a beautiful necklace and earrings. Pearls would work perfectly with the dress, especially on blondes, because they’ll blend in magnificently as a contrast to the black dress. 

A ruby or amethyst necklace would work perfectly, but you need to match your heels and accessories accordingly. Red shoes, handbags, and lipstick will make the entire appearance come alive. If you go with blue tones to break the black, go for a bit more neutral makeup.

Ubridal Beaded Ball Party&Prom Dress

Black dresses are always classy but sometimes a bit too formal. But, the Ubridal Beaded Ball Party&Prom Dress combines class, elegance, and glamour with youthfulness and informality perfectly. 

The combination of black knee-length bottom and beaded, shiny top makes this dress respectful yet appropriate for young women to wear for prom and have the freedom to dance and enjoy a good time.

The neckline is a scoop neck design with beads along the entire chest area, highlighting your upper body. There are no sleeves, and the straps are designed to lead to an open back.

Black&silver combinations always work the best for blondes. So, if you want to look fabulous but still be able to dance all night, this would be a dress to amaze and have fun in.

Ailidaw Tulle Formal Prom Cocktail Dress – Budget Pick

The Ailidaw Tulle Formal Prom Cocktail Dress provides a great combination of formal and vibrant. The entire dress is of a closed design (a crew neck and closed back), which provides a lot of formality and elegance. Those features must be satisfied for a beautiful prom dress.

On the other hand, you don’t want to look too formal or older than you are. With this dress, the see-through floral lace, shiny detail, and 4-layered tulle and satin lining make it so much more appealing and suitable for young women.

The only possible downside is that there are soft-pink beads around the waistline, limiting your makeup and accessories options to very light shades of white, grey, cream, pink, or silver. Any stronger colors might be a significant mismatch with the soft-pink beads. But, be careful not to go too bright because it can look bad when contrasted to blonde hair.

The plus side is that the dress itself has many beautiful details, making the necessity for jewelry very low. You only need one or two lovely pieces, such as earrings and a handbag – there is no need for more. And, the best part? It costs way less than the previous two, and there is no apparent visual difference in appearance or quality.

Pastel colors – fashion trend turned to a classic

Over the last decade or two, pastel colors slowly went from a trend to a real staple and a classic choice from prom dresses. The colors are just softened shades of more dominant colors such as red, purple, or green. There are many choices you can make, which is why pastel colors are such a desired option.

What’s unique about pastel colors is that they work on both blonde and darker-colored hair and dark and light skin tones and undertones. That’s the case because they are vibrant enough because of the colors but calm enough because of the soft tones.

That is why you should always include a pastel dress on your list of choices. There’s a reason why they are not only a trend but a classic and can make you shine if done right. 

If you like the green color, choose a mojito/mint green dress. If you prefer purple, go for a lavender pastel color. There’s also mild coral red, ice pink, and many more to choose from, which guarantees you can find something that not only looks good but matches your personality, too.

JAEDEN Long Prom Chiffon Dress

There are several pastel tones you can go for when picking the JAEDEN Long Prom Chiffon Dress, from pastel green to lavender. But, our top choice for blondes would be the coral red model, suited perfectly for proms, bridesmaid dresses, and other formal occasions.

The pastel colors are usually mild, which allows you to play around with different combinations of makeup and jewelry. The coral dress will highlight your blonde hair and not overemphasize your body contour. 

The top has the standard floral lace pattern, making the dress elegant and decent. Designed with a high-waist, this dress will make you look thinner, even though live-color dresses rarely do.

Due to the dress’s color being relatively mild, you can make the outfit appear much stronger with vibrant jewelry and makeup. For this particular coral dress combined with blonde hair, intense ruby red or dark pink jewelry will be a great choice to complete the appearance.

Dymaisei Prom Evening Tulle Dress

If you want to go for a bit more glamorous, ball-like appearance, look no further than the Dymaisei Prom Evening Tulle Dress with off shoulders and a spectacular palette of pastel colors. You can choose a light blue, pastel green, or lavender/violet model. I think the violet dress works the best with its design.

It’s a straight-up princess dress, with breathtaking detail at the top and off shoulders to make it not only glamorous but add a bit of sex appeal. There’s a deep cleavage, but the dress has a built-in bra, so you don’t have to worry about bra straps.

The bottom part of the dress is made from a couple of tulle layers and lining of the same color without a leg cut, making you look innocent yet feminine and flirty. Try a long ponytail hairstyle to complete the appearance and make everybody at prom gas when they see you.

The deep cut and off shoulders also allow you to work your magic with accessories, but make sure they fit in nicely with your dress patterns.

MUADRESS Vintage Floral Lace Hi-Lo Cocktail Dress – Budget Pick

As I mentioned a couple of times, pastel colors are mild, which opens the doors to choose a more bold, unusual design. The minty MUADRESS Vintage Floral Lace Hi-Lo Cocktail Dress certainly fits that description but in a perfect manner.

The dress itself has the classic floral pattern all over the dress, with a polyester lining to avoid see-through. It’s a sleeveless, closed-back, no-cleavage dress that zips up from behind. Once it does zip up, it blends perfectly with the body, but you have to be careful when choosing a size, as they differ from regular sizes a bit.

What’s special about this dress is how well the Hi-Lo design works with the minty floral lace at the dress’s bottom. It looks youthful and fun, but elegant enough even for prom or a wedding. It’s a unique piece, mainly because this dress is super affordable, even on a tight budget.

The combinations are endless when it comes to jewelry, especially for blondes, because the light color of your hair combined with the mild mint green gives a perfect backdrop to go crazy with eye-popping details, such as shiny earrings or a golden necklace.

Dark and emerald green – works on both light and dark blondes

The last prom dress color for blondes I’ll address is the strong emerald greens. Even darker tones than emerald can help you highlight your physique and provide a nice contrast with your blonde hair.

It’s not rare to see these kinds of dresses on the red carpet worn by Hollywood blondes because it matches so well with any skin tone, too. These dresses and outfits are usually maxi-size, but a beautiful cocktail dress is never a bad idea, especially for prom, where you want to emphasize your youth.

LL Bridal Long Sleeve Prom Dress

The beautiful dark green provides an excellent opportunity to opt for a long-sleeved dress to combine elegance, class, and a vibrant appearance. The LL Bridal Long Sleeve Prom Dress provides a wonderful unicolor canvas with a dark green metallic to work your magic with a beautiful hairstyle or shiny accessories.

The dress also has a gown-styled bottom with a very high slit along the leg so that you can feel free showing off your legs and beautiful heels, sandals, or any other elegant footwear you might be wearing.

Although the long sleeves make the dress appear more formal and innocent, the deep V neck cleavage will provide the “wow” factor you want to mesmerize your date. The dress is made from high-quality velvet and satin, and custom sizing is available.

Bbonlinedress Short 1950s Retro Vintage Cocktail Party Dress

Bbonlinedress Short 1950s Retro Vintage Cocktail Party Dress comes in all sorts of colors. Yet, the dark green model should be the one you choose if you are a blonde looking for a prom dress.

It’s formal enough for an occasion such as prom but casual and straightforward enough for you to feel comfortable in, go crazy with your choice of accessories, and dance all night if you feel like it.

The retro 1950s style dress suits both warm and cool blondes and cool and dark undertones, making it a safe choice for a prom dress. The sleeves are very short – almost sleeveless, and the sweetheart neckline provides a lovely space to highlight sex appeal or play around with a big necklace that can be the centerpiece of the entire outfit.

You can go with many different colors, but it almost always comes down to your preferences. If you are still unsure what would fit you the best, there are other ways to see what would look good on you other than your hair color.

First, check your eye color. It can be a great start to see what kind of jewelry you’d like and which tones you should choose for your outfit. Next, check your veins. If you have more highlighted, dar veins, bright colors could be a bad idea, as it will only make your veins more visible.

Also, you have to consider your skin tone and character. If you are an energetic spirit, go for a warm, bright color to match that emotional intensity.

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