10 Best Prom Dresses For Small Bust
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10 Best Prom Dresses For Small Bust

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Prom is one of the most awaited events for most ladies in high school because not only is it a fun night to enjoy with friends but it is also one of the few nights where they can dress at their best while still in high school. Nowadays, most women would want to make sure that they wear prom dresses that flatter their figures and make their best assets stand out. But what about the ladies that aren’t well-endowed? Well, for those who would want to look great in prom even though they were born with small busts, we have compiled the best dresses that you should highly consider wearing.

1. Dymaisei Prom Dress

Regardless of the neckline, you are going to choose for your prom dress, wearing a strapless dress is almost always a good look for a young lady with a small bust because of how it tends to divert the attention away from the bust and towards the other flattering parts of a woman’s figure. Moreover, strapless dresses also provide enough support for your bust to push it up and to make it look bigger than it actually is.

Another aspect about strapless dresses that make it great for those with smaller busts is that it reveals your shoulders and arms. This allows the people’s attention to divert away from the bust and towards the revealed shoulders and arms thereby making the lady look sexier. Of course, because of how revealing the top portion of the dress is, it can also make the woman’s bust look larger.

Because of that, we recommend the Dymaisei Prom Dress, which you can find here on Amazon. This strapless dress features a traditional neckline that is great for women who would want to be a bit more discreet. It also comes with a built-in bra that provides enough support so that women with small busts can have chests that look bigger than they usually are with this dress.

The dress also comes in a very simple yet elegant look that is actually quite captivating despite how it doesn’t tend to have a lot of different details that most prom dresses have. It also is true to size, which means that you don’t have to order a size up or a size down when you purchase it online. Of course, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from depending on the style and look you want to go for so that you can come to prom in the most unique way possible.

2. JAEDEN Sweetheart Prom Dress

Another style you can go for when you are choosing a strapless prom dress is one with a sweetheart neckline instead of a traditional neckline. It comes with all of the different details that a traditional strapless dress comes with but with a difference in the neckline design. A prom dress with a sweetheart neckline comes with a heart-shaped neckline that is meant to conform to the shape of the lady’s bust. 

Because of that and how the dress lifts up the woman’s bust while showing off a bit of cleavage, a prom dress with a sweetheart neckline makes the bust look larger than how a traditional neckline would. This makes it a more ideal dress option for women with small busts that would want to make their busts look larger and are much more willing to show off a bit more skin and cleavage for prom.

The JAEDEN Sweetheart Prom Dress should be a good choice for you if you are looking for a sweetheart strapless dress that you can wear for prom. It’s made of smooth chiffon fabric that is quite light and comfortable so that you can go to prom in style while also feeling free all night long. Meanwhile, the drawstring enclosure allows you to adjust the tightness of the dress so that you don’t have to worry about how a zip enclosure can be quite restrictive.

While the dress is actually true to size, it also comes with an extra 5 cm that will allow you to modify the dress if you feel like it’s a bit small for you. And, speaking of modification, there are plenty of different colors for you to choose from so that you can modify your look enough for you to come to prom as unique as you can be. So, if you are interested in this dress, you can find it on Amazon.

3. Alex Evenings Empire Waist Dress

One of the dress styles that will certainly look great for women with small busts is an empire waist dress. That’s because an empire waist dress features a waistband just under the bust of the woman to allow the entire dress to flow from there. This creates an effect of illusion that will make the woman’s bust look bigger. 

Of course, the waistband is usually designed to be placed in a spot where the people’s attention will be drawn to the lady’s other flattering areas to make sure that the bust looks bigger and fuller especially when the band is tighter. It basically has the same effect as wearing a belt around your waist.

In that regard, we recommend the Alex Evenings Empire Waist Dress as one of the dresses you should be wearing for your prom night if you have a smaller bust line. Like any empire waist dress, this dress makes your figure more flattering while creating an illusion that your bust line looks fuller thanks to the waistband just below the bust.

While the dress may come with a sleeveless design, it also has a bolero jacket that you have a choice to wear or not depending on the style you are trying to achieve and on how chilly your prom night may be. So, if you want the Alex Evenings Empire Waist Dress as your go-to dress for your prom night, you can check it on the button below.

4. A-Line V-Neck Prom Dress

The A-Line V-Neck Prom Dress is another empire waist dress that is designed to make your bust look bigger and fuller thanks to how the waistband is strategically located somewhere that flatters your overall look and figure. However, the difference here is that it comes with a V-neck design that can be great for women who would want to show off more skin.

While the V-neck design might not be the best for women with small busts, the good thing about the design of this dress is that it pushes the bust up to make it look bigger so that you will have a more defined neckline while wearing this dress. This will allow any lady to look great for prom regardless of how big or small her bust may be.

Meanwhile, simplicity is what can make this chiffon dress stand out as it doesn’t come with a lot of different details here and there but looks quite elegant on its own. This will allow you to accessorize depending on the style you are going for. But do keep in mind that it would be better for you to choose your largest measurement when buying this dress, as what the seller would suggest. You can go here to check the different colors and all of the details regarding this dress.

5. Yimeili Deep V-Neck Backless Dress

The deeper the neckline is, the more flattering the woman’s bustline would appear to be. Moreover, some dresses that are backless and come with a halter style are specifically designed to reveal the woman’s arms and shoulders so that the dresses could create an illusion that the woman’s bust is bigger while also making her sexier thanks to how she is showing off more skin.

That is why dresses that come with a halter style and a deep V-neck can be a great choice for women with smaller busts. The deep V-neck creates a deeper cleavage that will make the bust look bigger than it actually is. Meanwhile, the halter design exposes the shoulders and the arms to draw the eyes away from the chest area.

So, in that regard, the Yimeili Deep V-Neck Backless Dress is a good choice for any woman who is daring enough to go to prom wearing a dress with a sexy neckline. The neckline reaches all the way to the upper abdomen of the lady to truly give her a revealing neckline. Meanwhile, the halter design does its job by making the woman look sexier regardless of the size of her bust. And because this dress has a tight-fitting waistband, it allows any lady to have a curvier top.

The Yimeili Deep V-Neck Backless Dress comes in a lot of different colors you can choose from. Its strap is also long enough to give you more leeway on how you want to tie them depending on your own personal preference. You can go to Amazon to know more about this dress.

6. Sheln Backless Dress

Another type of dress that will look great on women with smaller busts is a backless dress. The reason for that is because backless dresses allow women with smaller busts to divert all the attention towards their backs especially if they have sexy and curvy backs. As such, no one will notice too much that they have small busts.

This backless dress by Sheln features a sexy spaghetti strap design that reveals a woman’s sexy back. While it does have a low plunging neckline, its neckline isn’t designed to flatter a lady’s chest. That is why showing off your back in this dress is the best way for you to stand out during prom especially if you are particularly proud of your back.

To make the dress more daring, it also comes with a side slit that truly gives the woman a sultry and sexy appeal that truly makes any lady stand out during prom. For the daring lady who is not afraid to show off her back, you can check this dress out on Amazon. There are also plenty of different color options you can choose from depending on your own personal style and taste.

7. Sheln Strappy Backless Maxi Dress

If you want people to focus more on your back and you feel like you don’t want to expose your neckline, the Sheln Strappy Backless Maxi Dress is a good alternative. It’s a great all-around dress that you can wear for prom and for most other evening parties especially during the summer when even the nights can get warm enough. Check this dress out here if you are interested in it.

The reason why we love this dress is that it contours to the shape of your body while also giving you a revealing back that diverts the attention towards a sexy backside especially if you don’t want people to notice your small bust line. Meanwhile, because it contours to the shape of your body, you are given a more flattering figure that you would be proud enough to flaunt during prom night.

The Sheln Strappy Backless Maxi Dress comes in different designs that can choose from depending on how you want to look for your prom night. Meanwhile, the fabric is also quite stretchy so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of actually getting a size that’s slightly smaller. In fact, it might even be better to get a slightly smaller size if you want to truly allow the dress to tightly follow the curves of your body.

8. Ever-Pretty Mermaid Dress

When it comes to creating an illusion of how sexy the woman is while enhancing all of her different flattering parts and her curves, the mermaid dress does it the best. There is no other dress that can enhance the curvy shape of a woman better than this dress as it was specifically designed to draw anyone’s attention towards her waist instead of her other assets. 

The tight fit of the entire dress, as well as the super-slim appearance at the waistline, can make people forget that the woman actually has a smaller bust because all eyes will be at the waist and the entire silhouette that the dress creates. And because it also creates a bottom flare, any lady in this dress will look fine, elegant, and sexy all at the same time.

For our pick when it comes to mermaid dresses, the Every-Pretty Mermaid Dress is a good choice. You can check it out here if you are interested in this dress and if you want to look at the different color options you have with this dress.

The reason we love the Ever-Pretty Mermaid Dress is that it gives any woman a great-looking silhouette that enhances her curvy side especially down at the waist where the tight fit can divert any person’s attention towards the woman’s overall figure. Because of that, no one will even notice whether or not the lady has a small bust size.

This dress also makes the woman more elegant for prom with all of the different fine details and designs all over it especially the gold lace embroidery that’s decorated at the bodice. While it doesn’t come with padding at the chest area, it really doesn’t matter because all eyes will be on your figure if you do happen to choose this mermaid dress as your outfit for prom.

9. TOB Backless Mermaid Dress

Combining a backless design with the tight contouring fit of a mermaid dress, you would be looking like someone dressed to kill if you wear the TOB Backless Mermaid Dress for prom. You can check it out here on Amazon if you want to have a better visual of what the dress looks like and if you want to see the different color options you have.

The reason why the TOB Backless Mermaid Dress is great for those who have smaller busts is that its mermaid dress fits contours to the individual curves of your body thereby making your bust line look bigger than it normally is. Its design also diverts people’s attention towards your tight waistline or even to your hips as the dress actually makes your hips look bigger than they normally are as well.

Meanwhile, even though the dress actually covers nearly your entire body from the front because it has a high neckline and has long sleeves, people will be surprised to see a well-exposed back that can also be good at making people notice your back more than your small bust. This design gives it a daring appeal that only those who want people to notice their backs can pull off.

10. WOOSEA High Neck Mermaid Dress

For those who don’t like plunging necklines on their mermaid dress, the WOOSEA High Neck Mermaid Dress can be a good option that can be worn to a lot of different events such as prom and, later on, other events like weddings, evening parties, and even for a simple yet elegant date night with your partner. And with different color options to choose from, you can go to prom in your favorite color. You can check out the color options here

This dress perfectly illustrates what a mermaid dress should be because it doesn’t come with a lot of different details and designs. Instead, it looks as simple and as plain as any mermaid dress can be but the simplicity is what makes it elegant. 

Unlike other mermaid dresses, it doesn’t come with a low-neckline design or a backless design but it is great at giving your body a contoured and tight fit that accentuates your curves to make your bust line look bigger, your waist smaller, and your hips bigger. As such, this allows you to come to your prom night as sexy and as gorgeous as ever without worrying whether or not you do have a small bust.

Other Prom Fashion Tips for Women With Small Busts

Aside from our prom dress recommendations, here are some prom fashion tips that women with small busts can follow if they want to look great during prom night without ever having to worry about their small bustline:

  • Accentuate the other beautiful parts of your body

As you might have learned from the dress recommendations that we have, the purpose of wearing certain types of prom dresses for women with small busts is to accentuate the different parts of your body. When you accentuate your other flattering assets, you are able to divert people’s attention away from your small bust so that they would notice your other parts as well.

Even ladies with small bust lines can have multiple flattering assets as well. It could be their wider hips, sexy backs, curvaceous shapes, or small waistline. Any of those can be accentuated by wearing the proper dress such as a mermaid dress that focuses on giving you a shapely figure or a backless dress that diverts attention towards your back. It’s really up to you to find out what your other assets are so that you can allow them to shine more when you are choosing a prom dress.

  • Choose a two-piece dress or a two-tone dress with a light top and a dark bottom

Another great tip for you to follow is to wear a two-piece dress or a two-toned dress that is designed to have a lighter top and a darker bottom. The purpose of doing so is to create an illusion that. Because of how your bottom is darker than your top, people won’t notice your smaller bustline at all as they are most likely to focus on your bottom.

If possible, try not to wear a top that would attract attention because of how people will immediately notice how small your bustline is. Focus more on making people notice your bottom such as wearing a darker colored bottom or by finding creative ways that would divert their attention to your bottom and away from your top.

  • Wear a belt at the waist

If you are wearing a dress that isn’t an empire waist dress, you should accessorize by wearing a belt on your waist. As mentioned when we discussed about empire waist dresses, cinching your waist or making it look smaller by keeping that area tight can make your bustline look bigger than it actually is.

Of course, wearing a belt at the waist can also make your figure look more flattering and curvier. This allows you to divert attention towards your waist or your curves instead of making people focus more on your smaller bust size.

  • Expose your shoulders, arms, and neck

The reason why strapless and halter dresses are great for women with smaller busts is that doing so will allow people to focus more on your exposed parts instead of your bust line. The more exposed the area above your bust line is, the sexier you will be to the eyes of people all around you. Highlight your shoulders, arms, and neck so that the spotlight will be on them and not on your bust.

  • Play with the design of your top

If you have a smaller bust, you have more freedom to choose a dress with different designs on the top. You can wear a top with ruffles, frills, stripes, and all of those other designs because doing so will add more shape to your chest to make it look bigger. Pleats and pockets and other similar details can also do the trick depending on the style you are trying to pull off for prom.

  • Accessorize

Wearing an accessory over your neck or wearing any other accessory that can divert people’s attention towards the accessories themselves can make people forget about your small bust. However, don’t overdo it with the accessories, or else you would end up looking like a Christmas tree. Just choose the right accessories that are good enough to complement your overall look while diverting the attention away from your bust line.

  • Confidence and acceptance

There are really no two ways about it. When all else fails and you just want to look at your prettiest during prom regardless of what you are wearing, the only way for you to do so is to be confident with yourself and to accept the fact that you have a small bust line. That really is a secret.

No matter how hard you try to hide your small bust or make your breasts look bigger than they actually are, there really is no secret formula. The only way for you to truly look at your best regardless of the size of your bust line is to be proud and to wear your confidence like a badge. 

If you come to prom with all the confidence in the world, people will never notice how small your bust line is because they will be paying more attention to the beauty, elegance, and overall appeal that you carry thanks to how confident you are. Just have fun that night and wear anything you feel pretty, comfortable, and confident in.

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